Our approach to enterprise data quality and enterprise performance improvement implementations is simple:

We want you to be successful. You want your project completed on time and on budget. You want your success to be repeatable quickly and effectively

That's why you'll find that all our data quality consultants are experts in Trillium Software implementations (the team's experience averages 11+ years).
Not only that, they are absolutely dedicated to ensuring your project is successful. Our success has been repeated at each implementation.

• Train
Our certified trainer has extensive hands-on experience in implementation. This approach ensures trainers understand and addresses the business issues at training and at implementation. Our certified trainer has trained multinationals, systems integrators, consulting organizations, clients in various industries in South Asia such as IBM Australia, Banks in Malaysia and Singapore, large conglomerates in Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

• Implement
Just starting out or implementing a data quality initiative for data governance, data intelligence or risk management or enterprise data management? Or are you challenged with the task of training, retaining and retraining an entire enterprise? Engage with our professional services staff to get you started towards a successful implementation.

• Integrate
SAP? Siebel? Real-time transactions? We can help you build data quality into complex enterprise systems

• Optimize
Here's where we can help maintain the effectiveness of your data quality and performance enhancement initiatives. We'll work with you to fine-tune business rules, generate a data quality scorecard, and boost data quality performance and workforce performance.

• Outsource
Want accurate business information but would like someone else to manage the data quality issues and produce the results?
Are you also looking to oursource your Business Improvement Strategy?
Here's where we can help provide ongoing data quality services on a short and long term basis.

Contact us, if you want something more customized than what you see here. We will work with you to satisfy your needs.