Overview of Trillium Software System
Trillium Software System is the leading enterprise data quality solution that allows organizations a unique view of their customer and business data. Trillium Software enhances the quality of customer and other business critical data through an architecture that allows both batch and online processes such as data entry systems, call centers, and web sites. This can drastically increase the veracity of data across the enterprise.
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Data Profiling – Know Your Data, Monitor Your Data and Govern Your Data Data Quality – Improve Your Data Data Enrichment – Improve Your Data with Postal Information or Any 3rd Party Data
Total Data Quality begins with discovery. More than data profiling, discovery is proactive deep data assessment that provides critical insight into the data you have, the data you don't, and the fitness of your data to support integration and business uses. Missing data, misfielded content, and misaligned data relationships are just three of the many data conditions that discovery exposes. Trillium Software solutions support comprehensive discovery, from initial data assessment to interim profiling to continual monitoring of data health. Trillium Software helps you build business acumen from the ground up with the market's most sophisticated technologies for transforming raw data into valuable information through data cleansing, data linking, and data enrichment. Designed for the most complex enterprise environments, the Trillium Software architecture-neutral data quality solution improves data reliability, usefulness, and business fitness-in real-time and batch-across diverse systems, within enterprise applications, and in support of global expansion. Even the best-maintained data, corrected and cleansed, may remain incomplete, frustrating your direct marketing efforts, sales territory determinations, fraud detection and other business operations. To improve the value of your data, Trillium Software can add meaningful information—including postal addresses, demographics, geographics and firmographics—without disrupting your data flow
Enterprise Data Connectivity Global Locator - Geocoding
The last thing you want is another major overhaul of your systems. Trillium Software has develop a comprehensive set of  solutions that work within your architecture, on your terms, and with all the applications you need to do business. Trillium Software has the business-savvy approach to meet your growing organizational challenges: Global Locator, an international solution that quickly and accurately pinpoints locations based upon the most accurate data available. Unlike many competing geocoding solutions, Global Locator has built-in intelligence for identifying more precise locations:

Trillium Software System, Enterprise Services Edition: Functional Capabilities
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